Who We Are

Paint Materials & Storage offer a range of services across the board, designed to meet any and all of your needs. Both business and personal needs can be met, and with a whole host of locations you can be sure of convenience too. All this comes at sizes to suit your needs.

In regards to storage all the rooms are secure and well protected to which you have your own access to them throughout the year. Times of access are between 6 AM till 10PM, however 24 hour access can be given on request.A minimum contract of 2 months storage & insurance is a requirement. You are however given loads of goodies to help you with getting your stuff into storage. For any info you can email the team here.

In regards to paint and materials we offer a wide range of paints for all purposes. Our paint is of the highest quality and we have an expert team on hand to advise you which paint would suit your situation.