Different Types of Security Systems

There is a variety of security systems available on the market. It will depend on your requirements and budget as to what system is best suited to your needs and therefore is installed as a deterrent. The different types of security systems include but are not limited to:


CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. Simply, it is a network of cameras/ video recording equipment which are closely linked in order to monitor specific areas or a building. CCTV installation is often carried out by a specialist and fitted to the outside of your property which can then be watched 24 hours a day, 365 years via mobile device, tablet or desktop.


Door access system

Using an array of different access control and intercom solutions such as keypad code entry, video entry and ID card entry, door access systems can be installed. This provides a solution which allows you to monitor which rooms can be accessed by certain people, as without the correct identification, you cannot gain access to restricted rooms/ places.

Fire detection systems

In every home and business, there should be a fire detection system installed. If not, you should have one fitted immediately. These systems are used to discover fire early and notify the people in the building to escape/ evacuate the building safely.

Security lighting

Security lighting can be installed into homes and business premises. Motion-activated security lights will only switch on when they detect movement. This is acts a good deterrent as you will not be able to catch the potential burglar in the dark but the light will enable you to see them and take note of their features in order to report this to your local authorities and furthermore, protect your local community and neighbours.