Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Coronavirus and the changing the retail industry

The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has had a huge cultural, political and social impact on the day to day running of our lives. However, the UK Government seem mostly concerned with the economic impact; whether you believe this is wrong or right, it is hard to have been part of the pandemic without seeing the devastating impact it has had on the economy. With 7 out of 10 firms having furloughed staff and all retail workers, bar those in key amenity shops, having been furloughed, we can already see the fall in consumer expenditure. The government are keen to get spending going again consequently, all retail outlets are opening on the 15th June. This comes with a lot of changes in shops including the installation of social distancing floor stickers.

This blog post will explore social distancing floor stickers, the way they are placed and how they work.

What are social distancing floor stickers?

These are stickers or floor graphics placed on the floor of public areas such as shops or factories at a two metre distance. The idea is that while you queue, you stand on the stickers, keeping you distant from the people ahead of you and behind you. They can also be placed around the shop to further encourage people on the shop floor or customers to stay further apart.

You can have the stickers in different shapes or styles but predominantly they come in a circular shape in yellow to encourage distance but not as a warning. They can also come as yellow and black hazard tape or strips to, again, encourage people to stay back and section parts of shops as two metre distances so people can move accordingly.

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Why are they a good idea?

Firstly, they are a good idea because they encourage consumers to stand a part and reduce the spread of the virus. Many of us go in to shops with the exact thing we have come in for in mind, this means we do not really think about others around us, walking straight to the item we came in for. With graphics on the floor, we will be constantly reminded to stay two metres apart from other shoppers.

Perhaps more cynically, they show consumers that the shop is trying. We have all gone into a supermarket and seen no one social distancing but still seen the social distancing floor stickers plastering the ground. The shop putting down these stickers shows you that they have tried even if the consumers have not.