The Best Way To Maintain Your Garage Floor

The garage is becoming one of the most utilised spaces for a homeowner.  Gone are the days in which the garage is just used for storing the car, nowadays it contains everything like sports equipment, work tools and stations, fridges and freezer.  You name an item and it’ll be in a garage somewhere, therefore maintaining a garage floor has become even more valuable.  Fortunately there are a number of floor options available and include epoxy, tiles, mats, paints and sealers.  All options have benefits but we’ll focus on the recommended and popular choice of garage floor paint epoxy coating.

But first we need to clear a few things up.  There is often confusion when homeowners come to buying products related to garage floors and that’s what is the different between epoxy paint and epoxy coating or is there even one?

To clear up any confusion ‘garage floor paint’ is a latex acrylic product whereas an epoxy coating is not paint.  Epoxy is a two component product containing one part epoxy resin and one part polyamine hardener.  However some paint can come with a small amount of epoxy known as 1-Part epoxy paint, this is not an epoxy product but does allow for a better bond and resilience than a standard acrylic.

painting a garage floor

So how did Epoxy paint becoming about, well it came from DIY marketers noticing customers using epoxy paint as a search term when referring to ‘epoxy coating’, leading to manufactures branding epoxy coating products as epoxy paint.  Since then this has only ever led to confusion amongst customers, as they started to buy paint for their garage flooring instead of epoxy coating.

To clear up matters epoxy paint and epoxy coating is in fact the same product, but it’s not paint.  If you want to paint your garage floor then you need to use a latex acrylic paint.

Epoxy coating is the leading favourite product used across both domestic and commercial properties such as showrooms, restaurant kitchens, warehouses and professional/personal garages due to its strong and long-lasting nature.

So how does it work? Well when the components of one part epoxy resin and one part polyamine hardener are mixed together this generates a chemical reaction, through this reaction a curing process creating polymer structures which cross link with the epoxy and result in the mixture hardening.

This hardened and thick application creates a very durable and resilient garage floor, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying year after year.  With an epoxy coating you are safe in the knowledge that the floor can also take whatever items happen to land on it, without creating any damage to the surface, this could be anything from a spanner to chemicals.  An epoxy coating is durable to all.

When it comes to applying epoxy coating to your garage floor there are two options available, one you can hire in the professionals or the cheaper option of is doing it yourself.  This is a multi- stage process, which would require at least 3 coats to achieve optimisation.  The application process will approximately take between 3-5 workings day to complete and there are a lot so step by step guide online which can help you.

Once you have decided to give it ago and take on the challenge of applying epoxy coating yourself choosing which product to use is just as important as the application process itself.  The ease at which the coating is applied is down to the volume of solid content is the mixture, its vital when selecting the product to check the solid content percentage.  The higher the percentage the harder the coating is to apply, however this means the floor will be more durable.

There is large selection of garage epoxy floor paint and epoxy garage floor coating (remember they are the same) products available.  To make things easier a product data sheet is often provided to help aid a successful purchasing decision.

Good luck with your garage flooring.

Uses for off site storage

self storagage facilities widely availableFor every business, industrial storage is a crucial stage in processing. This has meant that using uk storage facility businesses has helped grow these companies positively at a very steady rate. All the day’s activities need to be taken into account and primary storage may not be enough. Some storage companies specialize on certain areas while for most of uk storage firms; they deal with all manner of industrial storage needs.

There are many reasons why you will require industrial storage facilities. Here are some benefits you will have from using storage:

Allows bulk production

Bulk production is cheaper than small batch production. With such a huge number of products manufactured at a time, some secondary storage facility is maybe required. Industrial storage facilities offer safe and secure bulk storage at relevant costs.

System optimization

Using off site storage facilities will relieve the local storage facilities. With this relief, the system cycle will run properly since the exit is clear. This is especially beneficial for fast moving goods such as when you have an order. With a filled local storage, it will be difficult to process more and the cycle might keep stopping.

Possible marketing options

Some industrial storage sites have the ability for added silent marketing for your business. For instance, the facility might be offering furniture displays. With that kind of marketing available at certain facilities, it is easy to reach as many customers as possible. This makes the storage facility another channel to market your goods. It gives you a chance to display your goods.

Transit warehousing

For businesses dealing with imports and exports, industrial storage facilities are very crucial. When goods are on transit, they may require warehousing especially when they cross borders. For safety and convenience, an industrial storage will be the only choice. .


Most clients or customers using uk storage facility businesses can be advantageous as they are always available with different sizes and specifications for storages purposes. You just have to consult any firm, and you will start enjoying the benefits of using an off site storage unit. It is important to choose a storage facility that covers all the needs of your goods, depending on their specifications and the costs that can involved.