What is a Floor Screed?

120204-N-DC001-001 KANDAHAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan (Feb. 4, 2012) Senior Chief Builder Robert Morrison, left, and Builder 3rd Class Nathaniel Callaham, assigned to Detachment PASAB of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 7, levels concrete with a metal screed during the placement of concrete pads at Forward Operating Base PASAB. NMCB-7 and its detachments are one of two Seabee battalions supporting the International Security Assistance Force as part of Task Force Stethem in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Ensign Daniel Cloutier/Released)

Many people will ask what screeding is? Floor Screed is the term used to describe a type of concrete which is used to form a level surface. Screeding can also be used for many different methods such as floor finishes, encase underfloor and can also be used for heating pipes. This process can be laid on the top of the existing concrete base, insulation or damp proof membrane. When being fitted on top of insulation the process can be done with or without underfloor heating. When laying a floor screed, it is vital to ensure the base preparation is level and correct this will ensure that when screeding garage floors, they will last long term with great quality.

Laying a Floor Screed

Many people will have a garage within their properties however a vast number of these people will only use their garage for storage. Most people who want to put vehicles in their garage will have a floor screed. When covering a garage floor there are many advantages such as the surface being dust free and the floor will start to become very durable in just a few hours.

Types of Floor Screed

There are many different types of laying floor screeds, one type of floor screed is Eco Tile. Eco tile can be laid loosely over any hard surface, eco tile is tiles installed on the floor and is quick and easy to lay screeding whilst maintaining a durable floor.

Many garage floors are installed with self-levelling floor screed. Many floor companies will use this when installing a floor due to the surface being hard wearing and be walked on within one hour. Another reason why flooring companies will use self-levelling floor screed is the coverage of the floor being a perfectly flat surface when laying both floor tiles and laminated. A floor screed is commonly used to level out dents that may have been made from large objects corroding the concrete. With the levelling floor screed being placed on top of the surface it will allow other materials to stick to the screed to allow easy fits and greater strength.

Benefits of Self Storage

Self-storage is a great alternative to other methods of storage as it offers a lot of benefits that far outweigh the downsides of the rental of a unit. For instance, using a self-storage unit can prevent hoarding from becoming a problem in a household, thus preventing other such issues arising from the continued possession and accumulation of items and instead of placing them into the capable hands of a warehouse and storage unit.

Self Storage

Not only this but security is an issue for many people when using self-storage units, however, the units and warehouse that they are located in are locked securely overnight and each storage unit should be locked by you when not in the presence of the unit. The warehouses are also equipped with alarm systems and CCTV in the case of a burglary or attempted theft of a storage unit.

Self-storage units are extremely affordable for the size used as this is up to you as the owner of the unit sometimes even being £5 to rent a unit for an entire week which is quite cheap when this becomes either monthly or annual payments

Not only this but companies can offer insurance for these self-storage units up to a certain time limit in case any damage, theft or vandalism occurred in the time allotted when you purchased the self-storage unit which makes the storage unit even more useful and secure as the company will match or even surpass the amount the items would cost.

The amount of the storage unit is controlled entirely by you, the size, price and location of the storage unit is down to your choice and what is required by you, dependent on the company and other factors listed prior, the unit is customizable to your needs and desires for what you need to store inside.